Reasons to work with us

It is a great place to work.

We offer an opportunity to learn and grow, improve your skills and knowledge of the
English language.

We provide Superior Experience Trainings.

We are the best, young, proactive and constantly growing Team of talented People.

We value, respect and support the Team by listening to and appreciating ideas.

Start your journey with us!

If you feel like you are a perfect match for Wentrum and you like serving people, please, follow the link in order to get acquainted with our job offers!

We offer you to take A SEAT in our Company!

By A SEAT we mean the following:


We believe that every single member of the team is valuable and important, thus, every single person’s attitude directly influences the general environment in the company. The attitude we are aiming at is positive and enthusiastic. With such an attitude you will not find anything but care and friendliness when you are at work.


We put service in the first place in communication with People. Clients and partners are our highest external value, and serving them we are making sure they feel that. The main goal of our assistance is to satisfy the customer and make him happy, as this is what makes us even happier.


It is not a secret that Education is the mother of wisdom. We do support this principle and provide many opportunities to grow and develop, that is why constant education is important for each and every member of the Team.


We value every minute of client’s, partner’s and Team’s time and do not tolerate making someone else wait. We consider time to be the only coin at life, and only we can determine how it will be spent. We want you to spend it with use.


It is our highest internal value. We believe that people separately can achieve a lot, but people working as a team can achieve the maximum. This is what we do here, in Wentrum. We appreciate People who we are working with and put a lot of efforts in order to keep up our friendly and supportive team spirit. As a result, we built a dream Team of great professionals and just awesome people.